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My First Real Post in the Span of Foreverness

First to aid in nyour understanding of my rant I direct you to this article:

Okay, so we live in technilogical bubbles do we aye? Gee letss look at life for the average teenager. We're kids of the eighties and early ninties, born in the land of post-red scare, office going father, minivan toting soccer mom, chocolate chip cookie baking grandmother, and the grandfather with the WWII stories. So lets not generalize or anything *cough* but lets really look at what life is like for teenagers these days. Let me guess many of your parents both work jobs to make ends meet right? I know mine did, my mom worked as a professor at the local community college, an my dad attempted to start up a domed lawn buisness for quite a number of years. Hence who was I left living with? My grandparents, or my dad at night while she (my mom) was teaching. Both grandparents weren't able to get around very easily, so basically me, and my cousins, when over, were plopped in front of the tv and fed all kinds of crap that my now vegetarian self cringes most deeply at.

Okay now admittedly that's just me but between day care, Semsame Street, video games and computers, and the world of two parents working, what can I say, it kept kids like us off the streets. Now it's not just the world of two working parents. Let's get real, how many of you guys out there have parents that are divourced, separated, or maybe even have two step-parents, and step-siblings at this point? Statistics say that 50% of all marriages end in divource. Now that's not even taking into account the kids who's parents were never even married in the first place. Maybe it's escaped the notice of people who write such articles, but you CANNOT expect some sort of Shangra-la 40's, 50's, and even 60's sort of rules to apply in a different time.

Okay either way you may be asking, okay what's the point of explaining all of this? Here's my point: technology has been the one stable thing in a lotof our lives. When my parents were fighting and screaming it was always "Drina, go watch tv," and this from my anti-tv mother. But you know what? Tvs, and cd players, and boom boxes, and computers all have this brilliant little thing called volume control that can help tune out the fighting or what have you.

So I guess the gist of what I'm saying is this; in this new millenium of iPods, cellphone, and laptops we, as the "hip teenage generation" stay hip to the new technology coming out, as do many others, but we seem to live and breathe the stuff seeing as it's helped us through some of our hard times, good times, lonely times, or just plain boredom. So I say three cheers for our little bubbles since the rest of the world seems so keen on keeping us out in the first place.

Oh and if you're small minded enough to automatically presume that blue hair means some sort of slacker bad ass hoodlum, then you're lack of open-mindedness isn't worth trying to gain the respect of.

More to be added later otherwise this is Dri, signing off.
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