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loler skatez any1?

Okay, so serious, I've got this pair of blades that I'd like to ditch... anybody interested?

Guy's size 6 (pretty sure..)
perfect working order
wheels worn down (I like to say that they've been lurved....)

so any takers?

No... I will not ship them... You've gotta either A pick them up through some sort of people train leading from point a (my house) to point b (yours) or be near enough for me to bike 'em over to ya.

paz chicos!
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So.. I guess they wouldn't fit me.. :(
You probably need to get them specially made.
Somehow, my mom and sis found a pair of sandals for me at some swimsuit store in gilette. AND THEY FIT
At first I thought you were referring to a pair of swords. Then suddenly I became less dense and somewhat disappointed.
I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is crazy because I just asked my dad when I can get me a pair of skates, and he said 'I dunno a few months maybe?' I'm rather excited for this transaction