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abandoned places, acoustic guitar, amp, apple computer, architecture, art, august, australian indoor rules quiddich, autocad, bag pipes, banjos, bass guitar, beer, being a geek, bela fleck, biking, bill evans, black cats, blue, blues, bodhran, bollywood movies, books, boston red sox, brian setzer, brian setzer orchestra, caffiene, caffinated drinks, caffinated gum, caffinated mints, cameras, camping, cards, cats, celtic music, certain special someones, charlie parker, chocolate, classical guitar, coffee, contra dancing, cool jazz, culture jamming, dancing, didgeridoos, django reinhardt, djembe, doctor zhivago, druidism, druidry, druids, drums, duke ellington, electric guitar, evolution, fiddles, fingerstyle guitar, folk music, frank zappa, fret-tapping, friends, funk, gaelic, garlic, geek boys, george gershwin, gigs, guitar, happiness, herbie hancock, hindi, historical fiction, ian mcconville, indian classical music, indie, instruments, ireland, italian food, italy, japanese food, jazz, jeff coffin, jimi hendrix, john mayer, late nights, laziness, long hair, louis armstrong, love, mac hall, macintosh, macs, matt boyd, mexico, michael merenda, miles davis, monty python, mountain dew, music, music composition, mythology, nature, new mexico, old movies, oldtime music, pat metheny, penny whistles, percussion, peridot, pete seeger, piano, pierre bensusan, pink floyd, pixie sticks, poetry, politics, pubs, reggae, relationships, ruth ungar, saxophones, seamus eagen, sitar, solas, solitaire, spanish, spices, stan getz, sugar, summer nights, sushi, synthesizers, tao rodriguez-seeger, taylor guitars, the beatles, the cheiftians, the duhks, the flecktones, the mammals, thelonious monk, tie-dye, tim curry, transvestites, trumpet, uilleann pipes, uncle earl, virgo, vodka, wine, world music