juxtozyest (juxtozyest) wrote,

New Rant: How good is the acceptance of something appropo?

Okay, now I'm not saying that new things such as womans, civil, gay, or transgendered rights are a bad thing to accept. (Oh, and anything else I haven't thought of)

Okay now, let the politically incorrectness begin....

Okay, so I was at a movie tonight, Click, for those of you interested, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (I was in the mood for a cheap thrill, so shoot me). At one point during the movie there's a line that says something like
"Oh, and Allison prefers to be called Allan (Allen?) now."
Then they pan over to show some ridiculous caracature of an ftm transgendered person. So, even though transsexuality has become politically correct to talk about in the liberal side, and even part of the conservative side, of things, that means that it's now accepted enough to be made into a joke. Transsexualtiy is at the point that I'm sure homosexuality was probably once at. The general order of operations, if you will, is that first the thing/idea/whatever exists. If this noun is somehow unnacceptable, it stays underground for a good long time, hundreds if not thousands of years if you will, in some cultures. (I say this because the idea of the two-spirit and homosexuality was perfectly accepted in the native american culture)Then eventually, it starts to build up, until finally we're able to acknowledge it's existance. Once the acknowledgement has occured then, there is the whole attitude of "Oh well that ridiculous *fill in the blank*, God I can't believe anyone would do/feel/follow that," just so that they aren't the recipients of mock and ridicule from those who develope a fear of said newly acknowledged thing. Then once the fear-mocking begins, begins the play-along mockings, and suddenly, this things that was just starting to peak it's head out into open air to try to score a little acceptance/sympathy is shot down from all side, and is totally fair game as far as people are concerned. I think that homo and bi sexuality are being taken a little more seriously these days particularily given all of the press that the issue has been receiving in terms of marriage rights, but transsexuality is pretty near the whole peaking it's head outt into open air stage.
So, I find myself with blod boiling at the sight of a godknowswhat with the worst haircut/cloths/demeanor/EVERYTHING I've ever seen on a man or woman. This is progress, this is cheap comedy, and sadly cheap automatically means immature. So maybe one day I won't walk into my band class and hear my band teacher say "oh yes and so-and-so just recently changed instrument... and gender!" and maybe someday I won't go to the theatre home for a light movie to ease my mood after being stuck in the house with little outside world contact and get stuck staring at a caracature that I know is probably the only impression the majority of the world will get of transsexuality and it's absolutely ridiculous and down right wrong.
And so my blood boiled, and even though the film wasn't bad, my evening, and generally content state of my, was ruined.

And it continues to boil.
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